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Established in 2011, we are a development company that aims to take your business from being a side store in the corner to achieving global recognition. Since our very inception we were very lucid about our mission and we boast of immediate visible results.

In 2011, our founder Travis Andrews,was struggling with his textile business. Even though, he had a fair share of turnover but the results were not upto his expectations. On a further careful study of the situation, he found that he was suffering due to limited reach of his services. A website developer by education, he decided to take his company global. Initially, he faced problems in searching for the right company because the market was only concerned with making profits.”I contacted many companies. Some were taking lot of time, others didn’t understand my business module,”he adds,”as a follower of utopia, I finally had my eureka moment when I decided to go back to my college days and make use of my website development skills and today I feel this company was the best decision of my life.”

He had empathy for other capable entrepreneurs who had the capability to excel but were only restricted by their reach and hence, he came up with the idea of establishing a website development company.Since then there has been no looking back. We have been expanding exponentially ever since. We have extended our roots in application development, graphic design, digital marketing, web development and support, online research and services apart from website development.We had started as a team of 5 and today we have more than 300 employees.

We believe in providing complete solutions for online marketing and deliver a complete package.We have a great reputation with our clients who have grown from a corner store to a global e-commerce solution. Dennis Thompson shares his experience,” I was always looking for a company that would provide me with cost effective solution. The best part with Desk Station is that they have representations who take it upon them to expand your business and hence deliver the best results. I am extremely happy to be associated with them.” Today Dennis is the proud owner of a chain of restaurants across America. And we too love his warm wishes and thankfulness that he sends us.

WhatWe Do?

We build websites that promote you 24/7, no employee can do that!

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